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Release notes


Modern forms and other improvements when using the app on a modern SharePoint site. Version


SharePoint|sapiens Event Management for the modern SharePoint experience. Version


Fix ‘Schedule an Event’ action in edit control block in the Event Catalog.


Change permissions necessary to send emails via Exchange. Get Exchange rooms without a room list. Fix ribbon buttons in modal dialog.

2017-11-24 (v.

  • New language resources for en-GB
  • New action to copy events
  • New action to create event templates
  • Accept, Tentative, Decline options if recipient uses Mac Outlook Client 15.32 or Gmail
  • Fix ‘The event was not set up correctly. Please contact your event organizer’ error
  • Performance improvements when cancelling events

Update the add-in


Cancel Enrollment column, Number of enrollmetns if ‘Item Level Permissions’ is configured


French and Dutch language resources. Custom ‘Thank-you’ pages, Display list of participants in event form. Version


German language resources. Version


Allow external sharing


Resolve ‘Export to Excel’ issue


Create event from topic fixed. Version


Final changes for the store app. Please remove the current and re-install this version. Also click on the add-in in site contents and save settings again. Version

2017-02-24 – Version ‘Cancel Enrollment’ button added.

2016-10-18 – Version Recurring events, user e-mail templates, send emails using Exchange shared Calendar.

2016-09-01 Public Preview released

The public preview is stable and feature-complete. Feel free to start your free trial with the public preview now. The free 30 day trial will be available in addition with the final release.
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