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SharePoint|sapiens Modern User Interface

The add-in ‘SharePoint|sapiens Modern User Interface’ (sapiens.at.sharepoint.modernui.sppkg) has to be installed in addition to the ‘SharePoint|sapiens Event Management’ add-in if you want to use Event Management on a modern SharePoint site.


v1.4.16.0 – Always open enrollment form if custom enrollment form is selected, also if ‘Enroll/Unenroll’ current user is selected.


v1.4.15.0 – Hide ‘clear filter’ options


v1.4.14.0 – Display warning if attachments cannot be uploaded due to invalid file name. Organizers and Instructors specified in the event form will be configured co-organizers for the teams meeting automatically. It’s no longer necessary to open the Teams meeting options and configure co-organizers manually. Fallback if current user cannot be added to the site users using EnsureUser. Make sure number of enrollments are always current and not cached.


v1.4.11.0 – Fix width of the search box in the list view or events web part


v1.4.8.0 – Show time zone next to start and end time in new and edit form.
Make sure we don’t show columns twice in the form
A Yes/No column called evmAllDayEvent can be created in the Scheduled Events list to create all day events
Split Recurrence to create standalone events


v1.4.7.0 – Fix hideFields issue.


v1.4.6.0 – fix add attachments, don’t check permissions in manage enrollments, clone hideFields to fix Repeat Until issue if form is added to page


v1.4.10.0 – The new version contains the following fixes:
In the enrollment form organizers can now enroll users by pasting in the users in the following format. firstname1 lastname1 <firstname1.lastname1@company.com>; firstname2 lastname2 <firstname2.lastname2@company.com>
This is really useful because email addresses can be copied from the Outlook To field to the enrollment form.

Fix time issue when changing start time across a daylight saving change date. In the old version if you change an event date from 3/1/2023 to 4/1/2023, the end time will be one hour earlier than before change. This issue is now resolved.

Fix search items issue by making sure we only search the fields visible in the current view. This makes sure that users don’t see all the events if they enter a value that’s for example part of the current website URL.


v1.4.5.0 – Set default user in enrollment form, Fix issue in form when updating warnings, Display ‘Open item’ link after saving item. check permissions before opening ‘Manage Enrollments’, fix grouped view in ListViewOrEvents, don’t update evmFormFields if applied from topic, TeamsMeeting make Meeting options clickable in Edit Form, Edit form button text in multiple languages, Open topic form from email notification also if custom display form is used


v1.4.2.0 – list form: reload the fields if the content type or the form mode changes


v1.4.1.0 – Fix [[PageTitle]] issue for details pages (CheckIn page again before users can open it). Description style in form (smaller font), fix default value for radio button lists in form, Open enrollment form in new window also in display mode. Clear ViewXML if list changes.


v1.4.0.0 – This version contains the following usability improvements: Edit forms: Organizers can now reorder, remove, add columns directly in a (specific) form while or after creating an item (event, topics…) Unique form: modified forms can be saved for all or only for a specific item. Enrollment form management: Enrollment forms can now be added, created, saved and managed directly in the event form. How to: Editing forms for events, courses, etc.,
Coach Mark: more guidance provided to users through additional coach marks and text boxes. Cancel all enrollments in one click. If configured (recommended for high volume training): update achievement without enrollments. Other fixes and improvements


v1.3.110.0 – Update to SPFx version 1.15.3. Open details page or form for organizer from modern calendar view. Fix taxonomy column issue. List view or events web part: Display new button if the web part is added on a different website. Target audience in ‘List view or events’ web part. Update teams message (Co-organizers). Fix issue moving/deleting/adding fields from custom form. Fix source issue if opening details page from other details page (URL limit).


v1.3.107.0 – Fix ‘List view or events’ web part to allow administrators to display views form the enrollment list on other SharePoint websites.


v1.3.105.0 – Detailed error message when creating a teams meeting if the API is not yet approved. Display new button in Manage Enrollmetns view. Allow organizers to enroll users after the deadline. Fix remove user from people picker. Improve enrollment button configuration panel. App Health service: Get from site collection app catalog, Always use higher version if installed version is higher than the one specified in the DB. Set page title dynamically in details page, default content type id in form, Use same content type if copying events. Fix copy enrollments dialog if multiple enrollments are selected.


v1.3.103.0 – New command: Resend invitation, Paging improvements for filmstrip and compact view in the List View or Events web part, banner image as background image in compact view, hide recurrence end date if no Repeat pattern is selected


v1.3.102.0 – Create recurring events in a modern SharePoint site (Learn more). Ensure users in batches to enable the enrollment of groups with more than 200 members. Fix resource column if multiple values are disabled, allow all users that are specified in the event form (instructors, facilitators, etc.) to manage enrollments and send emails


v1.3.101.0 – Allow organizers to update a Teams meeting in the event form to add new presenters. Fix verification if the current user is the organizer


v1.3.100.0 – Display success message instead of error message in case an enrollment already exist for the topic, but not the event. In this case the existing enrollment will be updated and the creation of a new item will be cancelled.


v1.3.99.0 – Check time portion if enrollment start is configured as date and time, Improve enrollment start and enrollment deadline handling.


v1.3.98.0 – Fix date formatting issue in List view or events web part (View type: Events – compact or filmstrip). Disable enrollment button if the enrollment period has not yet started or is already over. New command action to renew an achievement. Display link to Manage Enrollment Forms in the enrollment forms folder in the site pages library. Resolve guest users in people picker.


v1.3.97.0 – Fix enrollment forms if there are more than 5000 events on the website.


v1.3.96.0 – Resolve guest users in the enrollment form.


v1.3.93.0 – Run queries in multiple batches if there are more than 5000 items in lists, get all group members and not just the first 999 users, Make sure the ‘See all’ link always opens the correct viewpath and viewid, Add the ContentTypeId parameter in the query string to enable the configuration of a default content type. Redirect to correct enrollment form from the email. Copy Link: copy link to enrollment form in enrollment form dialog.


v1.3.91.0 – Enroll/Unenroll button – Display this button in a view to allow users to enroll/unenroll in an event. Instead of opening the enrollment form, this button will enroll the current user, or, if the user is already enrolled, cancel the enrollment.


v1.3.90.0 – Title column in ‘Upcoming Events’ view fixed, if there is no details page for the event.


v1.3.89.0 – Confirm dialog before cancelling enrollments, Don’t show notificaton when opening the details page from the enrollment list, people picker paste multiple entries (email addresses seperated with space or other values seperated with semicolon or comma), List view improvements (column width), details pages for related items (enrollments), title column to open the details page from enrollment list


v1.3.88.0 – Show custom edit option in enrollment list, Fill in choice for radio buttons, make sure the enrollment form always contains the configured columns, also in edit form.


v1.3.86.0 – Display image column in List View or Events web part. Use the view title as the web part title by default. Display Upcoming Events and List or Participants column in List View or Events web part. Get AD Groups in People or Group columns in custom form. Change column default width. Display defautl details page also in enrollment list. Banner Preview alignment.


v1.3.85.0 – Fix date and time changes for start- and end time. Only set default values once in form. Hide columns in form if assigning curriculum from learner list


v1.3.84.0 – Tiles view Rows: One per row. Display upcoming events and list of participants in Tiles View Rows. Default to work email if Email Address column is visible in Enrollment form (with user account). Spinner on Page redirect from email. Hide enrollment columns on default enrollment page if other form exists (if the default enrollment form item has fields configured). Upcoming events in display form. Send Email custom action in enrollment list after clicking on Manage Enrollments on one specific event or topic. Redirect to custom form page from default edit form. Display ViewXml field as multiline in List View or Events Web Part for better readability.


v1.3.83.0 – Display banner in display form and default details pages. Tiles view in ‘List View or Events’ web part. Fixed height of the view web part if paging is enabled.


v1.3.81.0 – Fix issue when creating Details Pages and the course title has special characters or is too long. New Richtext Editor. Open details page if the List View or Events web part is added to a different SharePoint website.


v1.3.79.0 – Show enroll button as ‘Sign up for the Waiting List’ if the event is fully booked and the waiting list is enabled on the event details page, Display user profile dialog in user fields in all custom forms, Display Copy Enrollments only in list views and not in the form toolbar, Hide views from users that are not filtered by user in the enrollment list.


v1.3.78.0 – Parse time correctly if culture is en-GB and the time is not in 24 hour mode. Load all items and List view or events web part: use same definition and no row limit. AppHealth: Check app catalog and Office Store.


v1.3.77.0 – Improved flow for cancelling enrollments. Re-enroll in cancelled events. Include Attachments in custom forms.


v1.3.76.0 – Display App Health if there is a new version available or if the license is about to expire, etc. Fix default reminder value in Dutch and German (use correct separator). Dutch language resources updated. Resolve nested groups in the enrollment form.


v1.3.75.0 – Fix issue in List Form Web Part


v1.3.74.0 – Prevent current user to be default in the enrollment form if the current user is part of the SharePoint group OrganizersEnrollOtherUsers. Fix Richtext Edit Dialog if there are multiple content types, Fix field customizer rendering when switching views


v1.3.71.0 – Make messages and notifications more readable if a ‘dark mode’ theme is configured. Verify if disabled users are part of a group if organizers try to enroll a group (Office 365 group, team, DL)


v1.3.70.0 – Fix the ‘Complete Course’ button if users are not yet enrolled. Display Save and Cancel button in the dialog users can use to edit rich text columns.


v1.3.69.0 – Open the correct form for recurring events from a calendar view.


v1.3.68.0 – Allow ‘On-Click Enrollment’, Allow ‘Skip already enrolled users’ if users enroll multiple users or groups, Enable Attachments in Enrollment-Form, Explode groups in Enrollment-Form. Configurable ‘New Button’ text in list view.


v1.3.66.0 – New landing pages, enrollment error as new status, display error notification, New Button in ListViewWebPart, Open Dialog, OnSaveItem Handler to update web parts.


v1.3.65.0 – Hide columns in enrollment display form, if they are not visible in a customized new form. Open enrollment form for topics from email notification.


v1.3.64.0 – Display loading messages when adding users from topic to event. Fix form web part changed event to make sure users can create custom enrollment forms.


v1.3.62.0 – Fix Enroll link in Event Details page.


v1.3.61.0 – Fix issue in form dialog.


v1.3.59.0 – configure title column to always open the default page per content type. Fix reload issue if navigating back from a default page to a view using the ‘Back to overview’ link or button.


v1.3.58.0 – fix grouped view in web part, fix groups in enrollment form, fix pasting multiple users in enrollment form, fix list loading in team sites


v1.3.56.0 – Configure column width in list view mode. Display events from left to right in compact view instead of top to bottom. Show the banner on the event and enrollment page.


v1.3.55.0 – fix redirect to modern form


v1.3.54.0 – Link color in rich text fields. Only allow multiple users in enrollment form if user has permissions, allow grouped views in view web part, tooltip in custom columns, allow administrators to configure if lookup columns should open in a dialog or the details page,.


v1.3.53.0 – Fix new button in team sites.


v1.3.52.0 – Fix enroll distrubution list and Office 365 groups.


v1.3.50.0 – Fix ‘Create Teams Meeting’ link.


v1.3.49.0 – Fix with of the enroll button in list view web part, select presenters when creating team members, allow organizers to enroll distribution lists and Office 365 groups, send emails when users enroll in topcis.


v1.3.47.0 – Swedish language resources. Fix AllDayEvent if locale is not en-US. Allow fill in choices.


v1.3.46.0 – timezone column, set user properties in enrollment form, start and end in event card. timezone in filmstrip view web part, team meeting: show warning when copying event, warning message size, highlight waiting list message


v1.3.45.0 – event details and enrollment default page, open fullscreen mode. Enrollment form per event and topic


v1.3.44.0 – Always show custom new form. Enrollment form per event. Default event and enrollment pages.


v1.3.43.0 – Fix ‘Course Page’ link in form. Fix Hyperlink and Picture column in form. Create Teams meeting in Current UI Langauge, Customizable field customizer and commands.


v1.3.42.0 – Fix issues in IE11: Fix error on site pages if comments are enabled, Fix dialog issue


v1.3.41.0 – New feature ‘Create teams meeting’ in event form. Fix issues in IE11. Fix details pages if using different languages.


v1.3.40.0 – Save Form: Fix if number field is empty. Remove row limit from ‘List of participants’ column.


v1.3.39.0 – Don’t overwrite fields in form if user selects a topic and click on Apply. Fix permission check for read only users.


v1.3.38.0 – Fix issue if All Day Event column is visible in the event form. Performance improvements.


v1.3.36.0 – Performance improvements. Display ‘View all event details’ immediately in events web part.


v1.3.35.0 – Fix New button in all list views.


v1.3.34.0 – Fix Enroll button text color in Edge und IE.


v1.3.33.0 – Hide dialog box if panel is visible.


v1.3.32.0 – Details pages, fixes in events and list view web part, copy enrollments, theme colors, make form web part visible. Enrollment link as web part


v1.3.30.0 – Date and time format for de-DE in event filmstrip or compact view, Waiting List command if fully booked


v1.3.29.0 – Check enrollment list permissions to determine if cancel enrollments should be visible, if the webpart is on a site page. Web part transparent background color, Fix Enroll button if view is visible on other SharePoint site


v1.3.26.0 – Display Banner in Form, Copy Link in Form, Use Fabric Icons for command actions, New dialog for copy enrollment link, Dialogs in IE11 fix.


v1.3.25.0 – Fix list view web part issue in Edge.


v1.3.24.0 – Check availability button below resources, Display ‘Save Anyway’ button, banner image in events view, Include AllDayEvent column.


v1.3.23.0 – Set ContentTypeId in ClassicForm if form with Recurring Events.


v1.3.22.0 – Handle new button visibility, Spinner in people picker, display URL field in form, toast notifications, manage enrollments in learner list.


v1.3.20.0 – People picker: search all users instead of only user info list.


v1.3.19.0 – Header notification in mobile view. Fix form if no contenttypeId can be retrieved.


v1.3.18.0 – Back button if in teams, fixe rich text column if in teams, allow exteral guest users in enrollment form, update fabric ui, headerMessages with pin/unpin.


v1.3.15.0 – Allow organizers to enter the time in addition to the half hours slots in the drop down. Fix date/time issues when updating the event. Change content type in edit form.


v1.3.14.0 – Fix resource availability check if organizer uses ‘Schedule an event’ or ‘Copy event’


v1.3.13.0 – Dutch date format in events view, do not hide author on site page


v1.3.12.0 – Fix form web part if item id is from an event occurrence


v1.3.11.0 – Display classic form if Recurrence column is visible in form


v1.3.10.0 – List view web part preview. Web part to display list views and event filmstrip or compact views


v1.3.8.0 – Fix ‘Copy external enrollment link’ command. Change form panel size


v1.3.6.0 – Check if Event Management of Employee Trianing Management also on site pages, Fix commands on list web part on site pages


v1.3.4.0 – Feedback form fix in webpart, Check if ETM also on site page


v1.3.2.0 – Check resource availability


v1.3.1.0 – Fix richtext column in display form


v1.3.0.0 – Use react forms instead of classic forms, add form web part


v1.2.3.0 – Change image location to addins.sharepointsapiens.com. Also check current list in addition to contenttypeid to decide what commands should be visible


v1.2.2.0 – Fix ‘Number of items’, Display Upcoming Events in Catalog


v1.2.1.0 – Fix ‘Schedule an Event’ resource depending on Event Management or Employee Training Management


v1.2.0.0 – Initial release

SharePoint|sapiens Event Management


v1.9.0.0 – Modern forms and other improvements when using the app on a modern SharePoint site.


v1.8.0.0 – SharePoint|sapiens Event Management for the modern SharePoint experience.


Fix ‘Schedule an Event’ action in edit control block in the Event Catalog.


Change permissions necessary to send emails via Exchange. Get Exchange rooms without a room list. Fix ribbon buttons in modal dialog.



  • New language resources for en-GB
  • New action to copy events
  • New action to create event templates
  • Accept, Tentative, Decline options if recipient uses Mac Outlook Client 15.32 or Gmail
  • Fix ‘The event was not set up correctly. Please contact your event organizer’ error
  • Performance improvements when cancelling events


Cancel Enrollment column, Number of enrollmetns if ‘Item Level Permissions’ is configured


v1.6.0.0 – French and Dutch language resources. Custom ‘Thank-you’ pages, Display list of participants in event form.


v1.5.0.0 – German language resources.


Allow external sharing


Resolve ‘Export to Excel’ issue


v1.4.0.1 – Create event from topic fixed.


v1.4.0.0 – Final changes for the store app. Please remove the current and re-install this version. Also click on the add-in in site contents and save settings again.


v1.2.0.0 – ‘Cancel Enrollment’ button added.


v1.1.0.0 – Recurring events, user e-mail templates, send emails using Exchange shared Calendar.


v. – The public preview is stable and feature-complete. Feel free to start your free trial with the public preview now. The free 30 day trial will be available in addition with the final release.
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Please read carefully how to install and configure Event Management for Office 365.

If you have any questions or feedback or if you encounter an issue, send an email to support@sharepointsapiens.com.