SharePoint SQL Business Data Connector Feature Details

Enables you to retrieve data from SQL databases, enrich data in SharePoint and to enrich SQL data whenever SharePoint data is added, changed or deleted.

Configurable update timers

The SQL Business Data Connector uses three individual timers that allow you to customize the update frequency to keep data in SharePoint up-to-date.

Timer jobs are executed daily, hourly and with an interval of a specified number of minutes, all three easily configurable through SharePoint’s central administration.

Enables business data changing in SQL databases to trigger workflows on SharePoint.

Configurable scopes for scheduled updates

Enables you to select list views to define scopes for update timer jobs.

This helps you to minimize system load during business hours whilst data is kept up-to-date in SharePoint lists and enables you to schedule mass updates outside of business hours.

Customizable actions for content types

Actions can be customized individually for each content type in a SharePoint list or document library.

Export dialogs to enable you to conveniently save settings to xml files and then import them to configure similar actions for other content types.

Customizable actions on event

Whenever an item is added, updated or deleted on SharePoint customizable actions will be executed immediately before, during or immediately after changes are registered on SharePoint lists.

Customizable T-SQL for each action

Enables database administrators to develop T-SQL statements to be executed when SharePoint events occur or timer jobs are scheduled.

Incorporates control over event firing

Enables control over each single action’s event firing behavior.

By default event firing remains disabled to maintain the lowest possible system load.

Enabling event firing on certain actions allows you to trigger workflows when SQL data is changed.