Synch Data in SharePoint and SQL Server

  • Enriches data in SharePoint as well as SQL databases
  • Enables SQL data to trigger workflows on SharePoint
  • Available for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016

Interlinks SQL Server and SharePoint

Automatically enriches SharePoint list data and business data stored in SQL databases. Enables business data in SQL databases to trigger workflows on SharePoint and in turn responds with the updated data.

Event-driven and timer-scheduled

Incorporates configurable actions to be executed by SharePoint list item events. Executes actions using SharePoint timer jobs and keeps information up-to-date.

Integrates application data and increases efficiency

Combines a wide range of information in a single location and attracts users to SharePoint. Reduces the need to search for information in other systems, saves you time and increases efficiency.

Optimized performance

Incorporates the ability to configure events and timer jobs for single content types and item events. Maintains the power of T-SQL whilst enabling you to execute T-SQL statements without the need for programming.