SharePoint Project Management and Time Tracking Feature Details

With the Project Management and Time Tracking solution you can manage your projects, your team’s workload and track time and activities, as well as create reports more easily. You can use it in combination with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel which makes it a very powerful tool when it comes to scheduling projects and reporting work hours.

Manage your team

Add your users to the team list to create personal calendars and allow them to allocate work time between project work packages and other everyday work.

Team list

Schedule projects and assign work packages

Enables you to schedule projects and assign work packages to you team members quickly and easily.

Schedule a project

Work packages can be created and modified conveniently in a quick edit view. Assign a work package to a team member, select a service type and estimate the time required for the work.

Work packages

It also allows you to create a detailed project plan in Microsoft Project and synchronize the work packages back to SharePoint. You can also use your existing Microsoft Project files to create the tasks in SharePoint.

Project plan in Microsoft Project

A team member can now create timesheets for all assigned work packages, whether they were created directly in SharePoint or in Microsoft Project.

Common tasks allow you to manage everyday work

This list allows you to create other, non project-based tasks and assign them to team members. Common tasks are also available in the team members’ personal calendar.

Fast and easy time tracking

Track the time spent on particular work packages or tasks. Team members can create timesheets in their personal calendar in a calendar view …

Create timesheet in calendar

… in a list view …

Create timesheet in list view

… or quickly and conveniently in the quick edit/data sheet view.

Create timesheet in quick edit view

A timesheet can also be created directly from the work package.

Create timesheet from work package


Keep track of the project’s progress

Compare estimated and actual hours worked and check that everything is going as planned. An indicator shows whether a work package is on time, behind or ahead of schedule.

Track project progress

Monitor the workload of your team

Monitor your team’s workload and adjust how their time is allocated. See what projects your team members have been allocated and what work packages they are assigned to.

Monitor the workload

Powerful work reports

All timesheets are available in the work reports. See exactly where your team is spending the most time.

Work reports

You can also use our List Filter Web Part to run detailed real-time reports across several projects. With the Filter Web Part you can also save your favorite reports for future use.

Work reports with the SharePoint Filter Web Part

You can also open the timesheets for a certain project directly from the project page.

Show work reports from project

Export the list or the filter results to Excel to use for further reporting, to print or to share with others.

Export work reports to excel

Selective list and item access

Share lists and items only with certain users and groups.

Uses the Enhanced Lookup

Uses the Enhanced Lookup to improve performance and usability when selecting projects, work packages, tasks or other items.

Highly customizable

The Project Management and Employee Time Tracking site is highly customizable.

For example

  • Add columns to the project, to work packages, common tasks or timesheets to enter additional information and synchronize it with work reports. For example add customer or department information, hourly cost and any other information you need for a complete report.
  • Create your own lists and types of tasks and make them available in timesheets. For example this enables you to create service contracts and a list to manage and track tickets, assign tickets to team members and thus enable them in timesheets.
  • Modify or create views and customize the site to meet your requirements.
  • Add workflows to notify the people responsible if any action is needed.