SharePoint Project Management and Time Tracking

Time Tracking and Task Management for SharePoint

  • Straightforward task and time management
  • Improves planing and simplifies time tracking
  • Powerful and flexible reporting
  • Works with SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016

Combines the power of SharePoint and Microsoft Project

Enables you to manage projects on SharePoint, synchronize them with Microsoft Project and vice versa. Allows you to manage your team on SharePoint, grants them access to work packages created in Project and synchronizes progress made and work completed.

Plan your team's workload and track project progress

Organize your team's workload and allocate their time efficiently. Keep track of your project's progress and identify potential areas for improvement.

Quick and easy time tracking

Allows you to create timesheets and allocate time to projects, tasks or other everyday jobs. View the work packages and tasks which have been scheduled so you can conveniently plan your day and work efficiently.

Powerful and flexible reporting

Provides a highly customizable reporting interface to share or print information on employees' performance and project and task progress using Microsoft Excel.