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How to: Forward attendee status replies to an e-mail address

With the Event Management it is possible to forward attendee status replies to a specific e-mail address. This is done using the “Forward attendee status replies to” column, which, by default, is hidden in the Event Management. To make the column visible, go to your calendar’s List Settings and click on the EVM Event content […]


How to: Confirm attendance after an event

In Event Management you can also collect information on whether a user has actually attended an event or not. To do this just follow this simple guide. The first step is to go to your Enrollments list and click on the List Settings. Here you need to create a new column and make it a […]


How to: Enroll a SharePoint group, an active directory security group or an Exchange distribution list using Event Management

By default if you want to enroll users in an event using Event Management, you have to enter all users in the enrollment form. Enroll a SharePoint group To allow the enrollment of SharePoint groups you have to change the User column and allow ‘People and Groups’. Open the list settings of the Enrollment list, […]


How to: allow users to enroll in single occurrences

The following article applies to Event Management for SharePoint on premise. If you create a recurring event, SharePoint only creates one item with the recurrence pattern. All occurrences are displayed as individual events in a calendar view or the current items view, but it’s actually only one item in the list. If users try to […]