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How to: allow users to enroll in single occurrences

The following article applies to Event Management for SharePoint on premise.

If you create a recurring event, SharePoint only creates one item with the recurrence pattern. All occurrences are displayed as individual events in a calendar view or the current items view, but it’s actually only one item in the list. If users try to enroll in one of the events from a calendar view or the current item view, they are actually enrolled in the entire recurring event and not just the one occurrence.

So what if you want to enable users to only enroll in single occurrences?

Until now our answer to this question always was: Create individual events for each occurrence using the quick edit mode or an Excel Import.

This is by far not a perfect solution and most of the time too complicated for end users. That’s why we decided to come up with a different solution.

The solution

If organizers now create a repeating event they can split up the recurrence and create an independent event for each occurrence.

Split recurring events

You first have to add this new column to the Scheduled Events list from existing site columns and the column is only visible if Recurrence is enabled.

This is limited to 52 occurrences. If you need more, edit the last event again, apply the same recurrence pattern and save it again.

Users can now select one or more events from the calendar or list view and enroll as usual.


This feature is available since 6/8/2017. If you have a previous version installed, please follow this instructions.

Download and install the latest version using the ‘Repair’ option.

Deactivate and activate the ‘Sapiens.at.SharePoint Event Management’ site feature.

You’ll not lose any data or configurations when re-installing the solution or re-activating the feature. If you receive an error when activating the feature again, please make sure you use the following original list names and try again.

  • Event Catalog
  • Scheduled Events
  • Enrollments

If you have problems installing or configuring the update, send an e-mail to [email protected].