How-to: send a ticket containing a QR Code upon registration and use a QR Code Scanner for automated check-in

This article will present you an option that can be implemented into SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 to ensure smooth and automated users ‘ registration and check-in for an event using a QR code on a ticket.

How does it work?

When attendees register for an event, they will receive an email with a ticket as PDF Attachment containing a QR code. On the day of the event, the QR code on the ticket is scanned by the organizer, which will automatically update the list of participants and check in the users.

See it live

In the following video we will show you how it works from the attendees’ and the organizors’ perspective starting from the enrollment up to the check-in process using a QR Code scanner.

Sending QR Code ticket & QR Code scanner for automated check-in (Microsoft 365 / SharePoint online)

What you need for implementation

Our Event management app is fully integrated into SharePoint and Microsoft 365. You can use additional M365 apps to combine and add features.

In this case:

  • a Power Automate flow to send tickets with a QR Code
  • a Power App for the QR code scanner to scan the tickets and checkIn the participants
  • a QR Code provider of your choice

Feel free to contact us via email to [email protected] if you are interested in the implementation or if you have any other questions. We are happy to share further details, including the flow and power app templates with you, so that you can build it on your own.