How to: Send additional e-mail notifications manually and create reusable email templates

Applies to: Event Management for Office 365/SharePoint online

This article will describe how to use the Send E-Mail feature to send additional notifications to users about specific events manually. It will also show how to create and save e-mail templates and reuse them for future or existing events.


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Send e-mail notifications manually and create reusable email templates with SharePoint|sapiens apps

Send E-Mail Button

There are two ways to find the Send E-Mail button in the app:

Send E-Mail button in event form

In the For Organizer section open the event and click on Send E-Mail

Send E-Mail button through Manage Enrollments

You can also access the Send E-Mail button by opening an event, clicking on Manage Enrollments and directly select the attendees you would like to send a notification to before selecting Send E-Mail.

Send E-Mail Form

The following fields are available in the Send E-Mail form:

1: Enter here the e-mail address for reply. By default, the e-mail address of the logged-in user will appear.

2: Select here to whom you would like to send the notification (if it was not accessed through Manage Enrollments with attendees already selected). It is possible to add some users’ e-mail addresses in addition manually.

3: In this section, you can find all the saved E-Mail Templates. If you select a template, the Subject and Body will be set automatically with the values saved.

4: Enter here the subject of the e-mail.

5: Enter the e-mail body here.

Once all fields are completed, click on Save to send the E-Mail to users.

Saving E-Mail Templates

It is possible to save E-Mail templates which are regularly used.

For this open the Site contents section

Select the list User E-Mail Templates for Event Management

Click on New

This will open a new form:

  1. Enter the title of your template E-mail (visible in the E-Mail Templates drop down when sending e-mails)
  2. Select Scheduled Events, if you want to use the saved template for Upcoming Events. If you want to use the template for Topics, select Event Catalog. A list of available placeholders will appear, and they can be used in your template email. Once the template is applied, the placeholders will be replaced with the according value form the event or topic.
  3. Enter the subject
  4. Write your email here in HTML

How to easily convert an email in HTML to use it as email template

Open a Send E-Mail form from an existing event, type your message in the field Body. You can use Bold, italic and all text options as well as insert linksOnce edited, click on Edit using classic experience.

Click on the Edit Source button

And copy the HTML Source text from there and close the form.

Paste the copied HTML back in the Body section of the e-mail template, replace event or topic specific information with placeholders and click on Save.

You can now reuse this template for all your events or topics!

If you are particularly interested in saving a Feedback Form Template that can be manually sent to attendees after an event, check our article: How to: Collect feedback with Event Management for Office 365 – SharePointSapiens

We hope it helps you to better organize your communication with users and send some further notification and information if needed. For automated solutions, it is possible to create flows in Power Automate for all kinds of reminders, feedback forms etc. Let us know if you have any questions and reach out to us to We are happy to assist you!