How to: Create customizable event pages

Applies to: Event Management for Office 365/SharePoint online

Instead of showing the event form with all details in a dialog, you can show a customizable event page to attendees.

Event Page Example

You can use the same event details page for all events or create one page per event.


Make sure you have the app SharePoint|sapiens Modern User Interface version or higher installed. After installing the new version, open the Site Contents view on your SharePoint site, click on the app SharePoint|sapiens Event Management, click on Change Settings and save the settings again.

Open the event page instead of the entire form

You can decide per view if you want to open the form dialog or the customizable event details page. If you want to display the event details page, change the view and include the column Title (open item in details page) instead of the default title column.

Add column to view

The default event page

You have the option to create one event details page for each event (see Details page per event). If you don’t have a page created for an event yet, you can use the default event page to display a customizable page for attendees.

Where can I find the default page?

Open the site pages library on your SharePoint site, open the folder detailspage/sapiensEvents/EVMEvent and click on the file default.aspx.

Default page in site pages

Alternatively, you can directly open the default page at

How can I edit the default page?

If you want to edit the default event page, click on Edit and add new web parts or change the existing once.

Edit default page

Change the form web part:

In the form web part, you can decide what columns should be visible and the order of the columns in the form.

Remove/Add columns

Configure Enrollment Button:

You can customize the enrollment button, change the button text, the icon, alignment, size and if you want to open the enrollment form in a dialog or in the full screen view.

Edit enroll button

For a list of icons, visit the Fluent UI Icons gallery:

If you want to customize the enrollment page, read the article How to: Create a custom enrollment form.

Details page per event

If you want to create a details page per event, add the column Event Page to the view that is visible for organizers.

Create details page

Organizers can use this link to create a details page per event. If an event doesn’t have a details page created, the default page will be used to show event details to attendees (See The default event page).

How can I change the page template?

Before creating pages per event, we recommend that you review and update the details page template to ensure that it meets your needs. You can find the details page template in the Site Pages library in the folder detailspages/detailspages/sapiensEvents/.

Page template

Alternatively, you can directly open the default page at

Once the details page template meets your needs, you can start creating your first details page. Open the view and click on Create Details Page. This will create a new page using the details page template (see above). Once the page has been created, you can review the page, add a banner image, customize the web parts and add other web parts like file viewer, maps, etc., and publish the details page.

Custom details page

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