How-to: Editing forms for events, topics, etc.,

Applies to: Event Management for Office 365/SharePoint online

It is now possible to edit a form directly during the item creation or modification – you can add, remove and reorder columns without leaving the page. No need to go to the list settings section anymore. It works for events and topics.

This article introduces you to this new user-friendly update and shows you how to use it best!


Make sure you have the app SharePoint|sapiens Modern User Interface version or higher installed. Here you can download the latest version. After installing the new version, open the Site Contents view on your SharePoint site, click on the app SharePoint|sapiens Event Management, click on Change Settings and save the settings again.


Watch our video to see how it works:

Edit forms in SharePoint|sapiens Event Management & Employee Training Management apps

New Edit Form button

When creating or opening an item the button Edit Form appears on the right side

edit the form directly when adding, changing or viewing the item

By clicking on the Edit Form button it is possible to modify the form before, during or after filling all the needed columns.

Editing the form and add, move, and remove columns

Once selected, you will enter the Design Mode where you can add, move, and delete the columns in your form.

1: Design mode indicates that columns can be added, removed, or moved in the form.

2: Click here to move the column higher or lower in the form

3: Click here to remove the column from the form

4: Click here to add columns in your form

You can easily add columns by selecting the + icon and select from the list of available columns. If you want to create a new column which is not in the list, click on Add new column and create what is needed.

Add new column

Editing a form when an item is already created

It is very easy to modify a published form.

Open the Event or Topic form which needs to be modified:

Edit already create form

Saving the form

Once modified click on Save Form Changes.

By default, the changes will be saved only for this specific item, but it is also possible to apply the changes to all items in this list.

save the form changes

Enrollment Form per event

Customized Enrollment forms enable organizers to request additional information from the participants upon registration for a specific event. It is useful if information is needed beforehand, such as menu choice, T-Shirt size, etc.

The Enrollment Form column can be added to your event form as described above. When creating or modifying an event, you can select and enrollment form or create a new one.

The enrollment form column

You can select an existing enrollment form from your list in the dropdown menu or create one by clicking on Create Enrollment Form, add a name, and click on Next (edit the form) and click on Edit enrollment form.

edit form in a new column

Once opened, the enrollment form can be changed by adding columns to the form.

Edit the new enrollment form

In the example below, a column for a specific menu selection was created:

Enrollment form menu example

Once the column is created, click on OK, and on Republish on the right top hand side of your page.

Important: do not forget to click on save once redirected to the enrollment form.

We hope it helps you creating and modifying new items and only show the columns that are really necessary. Let us know if you have any questions and send us an email to We are happy to assist you!