How to: Personalize how users can see upcoming events

Applies to: Event Management for Office 365/SharePoint online

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This article helps you to get familiar with the possible list views in our Event Management app and how to personalize them to display what your users really need to see. In this article we specifically look at the various options to show events to users. Of course, you can use similar methods to change how other items, like topics or enrollments should appear on the different pages or the list views.

Default views

On your attendees’ landing page two views are visible by default

1) The All Upcoming events view which shows the future events planned:

All upcoming events

2) The Events per topic view which shows all the topics: if users click on a topic, they can see all the topic’s events:

All topics

Modify the view on the landing page

The views on the landing page can be easily modified and configured according to your needs. You can edit the page by clicking on the Edit button on the right top hand side

Edit page

Now, you will be able to select the view web part and modify them by clicking on the Edit button:

Edit upcoming events

web part options

1. In the first main category List View Source you can select the list and view you would like to show. By default, the For Attendees page always shows the All Upcoming Events view from the Schedule Events list.

The web part shows the events according to the selected view, in terms of the filtering or sorting options. If you want to change the filters, the sort order, or the columns visible, open the Scheduled Events list and either change the All Upcoming Events view or create your own view. If you created a new view and you want to show it on the For Attendees page, edit the web part and select your new view in the View dropdown.

2. What are view types in the advance section?
In this section you can select and preview which format you would like to show according to your users’ needs.

List view, Tile and Tiles – Rows is very detailed and shows all the columns configured in the connected view

Events – filmstrip and Compact” just show the essential event information like title, location, date and time.

Try what you like best.

3. Maximum Number of items per page: it is possible to set the number of events you would like to show on the page. Users can see more events by clicking on Next.

4. Select See all if you want your users to be able to access the configured list view using the See all link.

Add a new list/view to the page (or remove it)

It is possible to add new lists/views to your page by adding a new web part and then select List view or events.

Add new list view or events web part

And it is also possible to remove them by selecting the recycle bin icon:

Calendar view

If you prefer to show a calendar on the page, select the web part List

Add new list web part

…, select the list Scheduled Events, click on the Edit icon and select Calendar in the drop down on the right.

Configure calendar view

To increase the Calendar view’s visibility, you can add it to the navigation section on the left side:

Click on edit in the navigation, copy the link leading to the calendar view, paste it in the Address field and add a name in the Display name field.

Edit navigation

Add calendar link to navigation

This was a short overview of some of the options you have to increase usability for your users. Of course, you can still use all the other SharePoint OOTB view features (list-, gallery views, view formatting, etc.).

We hope it helps you with scheduling and displaying your events. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to We are happy to assist you!