SharePoint Enhanced Lookup Installation

SharePoint Enhanced Lookup comes with a simple installer that lets you deploy the solution in a few clicks.

SharePoint Enhanced Lookup is available for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016. The setup contains one folder SharePoint 2010, one for 2013 and one for SharePoint 2016.


Sign on to the SharePoint server’s console as an administrator or on to one of the SharePoint farm’s servers.

Download the latest release and unzip the setup files to a local folder.

Make sure that the setup has write access to the setup files’ folder.

The worker process pools of your SharePoint Farm will be recycled during installation. Consider which web applications you want to deploy the Enhanced Lookup to during the setup.


Browse to the folder where you unzipped the setup files. The SP2010 folder contains the setup and solution packages for SharePoint 2010, the SP2013 folder contains the setup and solution packages for SharePoint 2013. and the SP2016 folder contains the setup and solution packages for SharePoint 2016

Navigate to …\SP201x\Enhanced Lookup and run Setup.exe as an administrator.

NOTE: All screenshots below were taken from the SharePoint 2013 setup. There should be no differences in SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2016.

Ignore the security warning and click on Run.

This is the setup’s welcome screen. Click on Next.

The setup will verify the system state. Make sure the SharePoint Administration Service is started. You will have to restart the setup if the verification fails.

Read and accept the License Agreement.

Enter the license key and click on Next.

Select the web applications which you want the SharePoint Enhanced Lookup to be deployed to.

The setup will now try to validate the key. If the setup can’t connect to the key validation web service ( it will create a file named unvalidatedSurety…xml in the setup folder. Upload this file to the manual validation page to perform an offline validation and download the validated surety file, then store it in the setup folder and rerun the setup.

SharePoint Enhanced Lookup consists of 2 solution packages that must be added and deployed. This will take a few minutes.

After the last deployment job completes, click Next …

… to view a summary of the installation.

You can verify the installation by viewing the “farm solutions” in Central Administration / Systems settings.

The following 2 solutions must be installed and deployed.

Offline key validation

If your SharePoint Server is located behind a proxy or is not permitted to access our online key validation service you will need to perform an offline validation to successfully complete the setup and activate the solution. For offline validation go to The unvalidated surety file which you need to upload is created in the setup folder during the setup process. Upload it, then validate it and download the validated surety file to the setup folder and run the setup again.

After the installation

After the setup has been completed, please continue with the configuration.

SharePoint Enhanced Lookup Configuration