SharePoint Enhanced Lookup Feature Details

Enables you to link items on parent, sibling and child web sites from the same site collection.

Convenient input field for new and edit forms

Enhanced Lookup provides a convenient input field that validates input immediately and suggests alternatives to save you time if the input is ambiguous.

Allows you to configure default values for lookup fields in new forms.

Provides a search dialog

A customizable search dialog is provided to search for items to link to. The solution enables you to configure various list columns to be displayed and to search in the dialog, whilst also supporting wildcard search.

Enables you to exclude specific content types from a search and allows you to search specific folder locations.

Optimized performance in large lists

The Enhanced Lookup reduces system load especially when accessing large lists as input is validated when entered and only linked items are accessed when retrieving item data.

This enables lookup fields on new and edit forms to be rendered quickly and therefore saves you time as well as reducing the system load.

Provides customizable links in new, edit and display forms to add new items whilst also automatically interlinking newly created items.

Enables you to preset field values for new items using items from your lists and to limit values in lookup fields using dynamic filters.

Automatically interlinks items for easy access and synchronizes lookup fields.

Maintains data sheet views and compatibility with MS Access and Word’s DIP

Maintains the ability to edit lists using data sheet views and Microsoft Access and to edit fields using Microsoft Word’s document information panel.

Displays lookups and values in tables

Shows linked items and their field values in tables and calculates totals for numerical fields. Sorts linked items in forms and in list views.

Enables control over click behavior when clicking on linked items

Opens forms containing linked items in modal dialogs, new browser tabs or the same tab.