SharePoint Enhanced Lookup

The Power Lookup Field for SharePoint

  • Easy to use, saves you time
  • Offers more detailed data views
  • Works in data sheet views and document information panels
  • Improves performance and reduces system load
  • Available for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016

Provides a lookup picker dialog

Easy to use functionality in new and edit forms. Validates and autocorrects input immediately and provides a convenient picker dialog to save you time when looking for items. Enables you to configure search fields and displays.

Optimized performance in large lists

Enables lookups on new and edit forms to render quickly when accessing lists with masses of items. Allows you to configure default values for lookup fields in new forms.

Provides "Add item" links and lookup synchronization

Provides customizable links to add new items in forms. Interlinks items for easy access and synchronizes lookup fields automatically. Allows you to preset field values in new forms and to filter results by preset lookup values. Incorporates the ability to edit lists using data sheet views and Microsoft Access and to edit fields using Microsoft Word's document information panel.

Displays lookups and values in tables

Shows linked items and their field values in tables and calculates totals for number fields. Sorts linked items in forms and list views. Opens forms containing linked items in modal dialogs, new browser tabs or the same tab.