SharePoint Employee Training Management Videos


Employee Training Management is a solution for planning and organizing, implementing and executing and improving your employees’ vocational training. You provide your employees with a clear and easy to understand calendar displaying your vocational training events. You keep track of enrollments and whenever changes are required, the system automatically notifies the enrolled participants. We provide you with comprehensive enrollment management, an automatic waiting list and a reservation system for future events. The system automatically sends notification to all participants and collects feedback from course evaluation surveys to make improving your vocational training easier.

How Enrollment works

You can simply enroll in a training event by selecting the event in the event calendar and click the enroll button. An automatic email invitation is then sent and after accepting the invitation, the event will be visible in your calendar. If an event is already fully booked there is the possibility to join the waiting list. You will be notified if a place becomes available. You can register your interest in future training events of a specific topic by reserving a seat. Viewing similar events lets you browse through future training events of a specific topic which are already planned.

Manage topics

The training catalog contains topics which work like templates and give you the ability to register your interest in a subject. You can add new topics to make creating events easier and faster. You can show your interest in future training events on a specific topic by enrolling in a topic through the training catalog. A training event can also be scheduled directly from the training catalog. A message is displayed for the organizer so they can get an idea of the demand for specific topics and training events.

Manage events

With Employee Training Management for SharePoint 2010 & 2013 it is easy to create, edit and cancel training events. To create an event click on a day in the event calendar and simply add a new scheduled training event. The new training event will then be displayed in your calendar. To edit an event open up the details form and change the required information. You also have the possibility of deleting the event by clicking on the corresponding button. Attendees receive an automatic notification whenever changes are made or an event is canceled.

Manage enrollments

Employee Training Management gives you the ability to manage enrolled attendees and waiting lists. Users can be added to events with just a few clicks. If a user wants to join a fully booked training event, a message is displayed stating that they can join the waiting list. Enrollments can be filtered by status to show who has already enrolled and who has joined the waiting list. The details of a training event, such as the location or the number of seats, can be changed and attendees will automatically receive a notification whenever such changes are made.