How to prevent users from enrolling in multiple training events (covering the same course)

Applies to: Employee Training Management for Office 365/SharePoint online

This article will show you how to limit the number of enrollments per user within a course. This is relevant, if you have a course with multiple sessions and you would like users to be able to enroll only in one of them to avoid multiple registration.


Make sure you have the app SharePoint|sapiens Modern User Interface version or higher installed. Here you can download the latest version. After installing the new version, open the Site Contents view on your SharePoint site, click on the app SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management, click on Change Settings and save the settings again.

Add the column Max. Enrollments per User to your course form

Once you created your course click on Edit Form in the top right-hand corner

click here to edit form

Click on the + sign and select the column Max. Enrollments per User


clich here to add the max enrollments per user column

This column will prevent the same user to register for two training events within the same course.

For example: it will be possible for a user to register only to one scheduled event of the Fire Safety course.

Once the column is added save the form by clicking on Save Form Changes

Enter a value in the column Max. Enrollments per User

Open the course form and click on Edit on the top left hand-side of the form.

click here to edit the form

Add the number of maximum enrollments that you would like to allow per user for this course. And click on save.

enter here the maximum number of enrollements per user

Now it will only be possible to enroll for one of the training sessions in the Fire Safety Course. User will receive an error message should they try to register to a second session.

failure message maximum enrollments

We hope it helps you to better organize your training session and limit multiple enrollments per user within one course. Let us know if you have any questions and reach out to us to We are happy to assist you!