Employee Training Management for Office 365 Foundation App Installation

Applies to: Employee Training Management for Office 365/SharePoint online

Note: The steps described here are only necessary if you installed the app from the Office Store.

After installing the app from the Office store, there is still one step missing before you can start configuring the add-in. This step is required to be able to

  1. register client scripts: The add-in needs to load client scripts on the SharePoint site to handle custom action visibility and to display alerts.
  2. use client templates: The add-in needs to register client-templates to handle the client-side rendering of specific columns.
  3. use the classic SharePoint UI: The add-in needs to make sure the SharePoint site uses the classic look.
  4. use wiki pages: The add-in needs to add a welcome page and areas for learners, managers, instructors and organizers.

The final step of the installation when you downloaded the Office Store Add-in

Before you can configure SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management, you need to install the SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management Foundation app. This app must be added and installed on site collection level by your site collection admin.

Install the SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management Foundation app

  1. Visit the download page, download the foundation app and unzip it to a local folder.
    Unzip the app
  2. Upload the app to your app catalog
    1. If you have not created an app catalog yet, open the SharePoint Admin Center, click on Apps on the left and select App Catalog.
      Open app catalog
    2. Open the app catalog site
    3. Click on Apps for SharePoint
      Apps for SharePoint
    4. Click on Upload and browse to the folder that contains the foundation app, select the file sapiens.at.SharePoint.ETM.Foundation.app and click Open
      Upload app
    5. Click on OK
  3. Add the foundation app to the site where you want to use SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management. The app is called SharePoint|sapiens ETM Foundation SC.
    Add the app

If you have any questions or if you need help with the installation, please contact [email protected].