How to: copy enrollments from one training event to the other with the Copy Enrollments option

In this article, we will introduce you and give more insights on our Copy Enrollments feature. This useful option allows you to copy existing enrollments from one training event to another. This is particularly useful if you would like to enroll the same group of users to different training events or to the same recurring training event. You can also use this option to enroll the same user group to a mandatory training.

Why do you need our Copy Enrollments feature?

Using the Copy Enrollment option is useful especially (but not only) in following situations:

  • If you would like to enroll users to a training series (with multiple training events) in no time.
  • If you would like to reassign the same group of users to training events that are mandatory and need to be retaken on a regular basis such as a compliance training, taking place once a year.
  • If some users are on the waiting list and could not take part in a training. Still, you would like yet to enroll them to the next one/an alternative date.
  • If some users are/were on a waiting list and could not take part in a training. You can create a self-paced training with recordings and documentation to enable them access to the material and recording afterward. In that case, you can easily copy the enrollments which were on the waiting list to the self-paced training. Users will receive an invitation to review the content of the training they could not join. They will then be able to confirm course completion once they reviewed the content.

When and for which training types can you use the Copy Enrollments option?

The Copy Enrollments option is available as soon as a training event is created, and enrollments exist. You can copy the enrollments anytime and on multiple occasions. You can copy enrollments from past or future training events but also enrollments from instructor-led to self-paced training and vice versa.

How does the feature Copy Enrollments work?

It is very easy to duplicate existing enrollments to another training event. To do so, open the training event containing the enrollments to copy and click on Manage Enrollments.

manage enrollment button


Once in the enrollment list, you can decide which enrollments you would like to copy. You can select all enrollments or only specific users.

Once selected, click on Copy Enrollments.

copy existing enrollments button

Now, all the options will open:

copy enrollments

1 – Select users: The previously selected users will show up here. You can modify your selection and add or remove users.

2 – Search this view: you can search for the training event(s) to copy the enrollments to.

3 – Upcoming Events list: you can select the training event select the training events directly from the list. Good news: you can select multiple events if you would like to copy the enrollments to multiple training events at once.

4 – List/View selection: you can decide if you would like to select a training event from the Upcoming Events list, the All Events list or to a Self-paced Training (by selecting All Topics)

Once the enrollments are copied, users will receive a calendar invitation and will appear in the enrollment list of the training event.

existing enrollment copied

Great news:there is no risk to enroll the same user twice. Our app recognizes if one (or more) user(s) is/are already enrolled in the training.

Let’s see how it looks like if the enrollments already exist and you try to copy them anyway. 

enrollments already exist

As you can see above, Andreas Schwarzinger’s enrollment was the only one copied as the others already exist. 

We hope it helps you save time and manage your user enrollments in our SharePoint|sapiens Training Management app. Let us know if you have any questions and reach out to us to [email protected]. We are happy to assist you!