How to: Group multiple events with single enrollment

Use our Event Group feature to optimize the way you manage multiple events: Whether it’s a series of training sessions, conferences, or meetings, events often stretch over various dates and times. Keeping track of them can be a hassle.However, with the right tools, you can seamlessly bundle them into one neat package and enable users to enroll (and unenroll) only in all sessions of the group.

Group multiple events in SharePoint Online using our Event Group feature and optimize the way you manage multiple events. This guide walks you through the process of grouping different events using our app, ensuring that enrollments in multiple sessions are simple for everyone.


Before you begin, make sure you have the app SharePoint|sapiens Modern User Interface version 2.0 or higher installed. 

After installing the latest version, open the Site Contents view on your SharePoint site, click on the app SharePoint|sapiens Event Management or SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management , click on Change Settings and save the settings again.

Grouping Your Events Step by Step

Begin by opening the event form. Once there, click on Create Event Group. Fill in all the relevant details concerning your group of events.

Should you want to maintain consistency in event enrollments, you have the option to set an enrollment deadline. Without this, users can register for upcoming events in the group even if they missed prior ones.

Using the Select event bar, you have the flexibility to add existing events.

To create an event from scratch within the group, choose Create Events in Group.

Proceed with the usual event creation process and then click on Save. This step can be repeated until all your events are set up.

Once all events are added in your group, finalize by clicking Save.

Success! You’ve just grouped multiple events in SharePoint Online and your group is now live. Users are now able to register, but only for all the sessions within the group.If you want to enroll users to an event group, just open the group and click on Enroll.

Note that users will receive a separate invitation for each and every session. If users decline or cancel their enrollment for one of the events in the group, enrollments to all further events in the group will be cancelled and the user notified.

Making Adjustments to Your Grouped Events

Organizing complex training and events is a dynamic process. You might need to make changes as situations evolve. Here’s how to easily modify, cancel, ungroup, or group your events using SharePoint|sapiens apps:

Editing Grouped Events

In the For Organizer section, select the event group you wish to modify.

Click on Edit located at the top left corner.

Adjust the information as necessary or add/remove any events or training sessions.

Once your changes are finalized, remember to click on Save.

Cancelling Grouped Events

Open the Event Group to cancel and select the Cancel event option.

All the events in the group will be canceled, and attendees will receive a cancellation notification in their Outlook calendar.

Ungrouping Grouped Events

If you wish to separate the events from a group, choose the Ungroup Events option.

Each event will be displayed as an individual event and visible in the Scheduled Training Events. Users can then register for each event separately.

Modifying or Canceling a Single Event within a Group

Open the Event Group and select the specific event you would like to modify.

Implement your changes and click on Save. Users registered in the group will receive an updated notification for the modified event.

If you cancel an event from within a group, attendees will be informed of the cancellation for just that event. The event will subsequently be hidden from users within the group view.

Grouping Existing Events from the Scheduled Training Events List

If you want to group existing events directly from the Scheduled training events list, go to the list, select the events to group, and click on Group Events.

Adding Columns to the Scheduled Training Events/ Scheduled Events

Enhance your Scheduled event list view by incorporating the following columns:

Events in Group: This will display all events incorporated within a particular group.

Is Event Group?: This column indicates whether the listed event is a group.

Group recurring events

It is also possible to group recurring events. Check our article How to create recurring events in SharePoint Online. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team to [email protected]. We are always happy to assist or hear your feedback. Happy organizing!