How to: Allow external users to enroll in training events

The following article describes how to allow external users to enroll in your events.

In this article:

How to configure external enrollment

To allow external users to enroll in Training events by using anonymous access links you have to enable External sharing in the app settings.

Configure external sharing

External sharing also has to be enabled on an event level using the External Sharing column.

Columns visible in anonymous website

In the app settings you can define if you want to show the list of all upcoming shared events using an anonymous access link. If this is enabled, the link displayed in the app settings can be used to display all upcoming public events.

Display the list of events

All upcoming shared events

You can publish this link on your website or send it via e-mail to allow your guests to browse upcoming events and register.

If ‘Show the list of all upcoming shared events’ is disabled, users can only enroll if you share the anonymous access link specifically for each training event.

You can also define the columns that should be displayed to external users.

The last thing you can configure is a link to your company logo and contact and support details displayed to external users.

Logo and Support and contact info

Logo and Support info

How to enable external enrollment

You have to enable External Sharing per training event…

External Sharing column

…, copy the enrollment link…

Copy enrollment link

…and select ‘For external users – no user account required’.

External Link

You can send this link via email or share it on your website.

If ‘Show the list of upcoming events is enabled’ external users can also view the training event in the list of upcoming public events (URL can be copied from the app settings).

Also you can use the Send E-Mail action to share the link to the enrollment link.

Send Email

Use the ‘Save the date’ notification template, enter recipients and click on Send.

Send email form

How to register as an external user

We have to verify the e-mail address first, so external users have to enter their email address and click on Send to receive the actual enrollment link.

Verify email address

External users can use the link from the email to register.

Enrollment Link Email

The columns in the enrollment form (E-Mail and Full Name) can be configured in SharePoint. If you need additional columns, add the columns to the ‘Enroll with e-mail address’ content type.

Enrollment form

If users click on Enroll Now, the enrollment will be created in SharePoint and the user will receive an email invitation.

Email Invitation

How to cancel an enrollment

Users can click on the link from the email invitation and cancel the enrollment.

Cancel Enrollment

Users can also decline the invitation from outlook. This will not cancel the enrollment, users will receive another email with the link to the cancellation.

Decline email

If a user cancels the enrollment, a cancellation will be sent.


You can try the external enrollment yourself with our public sample events.