How to: Enroll Office 365 groups and distribution lists

Applies to: Employee Training Management for Office 365/SharePoint online

Follow this guide if you want to enroll Office 365 groups and distribution lists using the Employee Training Management app.


Make sure you have the app SharePoint|sapiens Modern User Interface version or higher installed.

Now open, open the SharePoint Admin Center, click on API access in Advanced and approve the following requests for the Graph API. The app uses this API to resolve the group members.

  • GroupMember.Read.All
  • GroupMember.ReadBasic.All

Approve the Graph API

Configure the User column in the enrollment list

By default, the user column in the enrollment form only allows you to select people, but not groups. If you want to change this, open the list settings of the list Enrollments in Courses and Events, click on the column User and select People and Groups in the section Allow selection of and click on OK.

Allow People and Groups

Enroll Office 365 groups and distribution lists

Create a new test event or course and click on Enroll. In the enrollment form, remove the current user and search for an Office 365 group or distribution list.

Enroll Office 365 groups and distribution lists

Now click on Save to enroll all group members. This will create one enrollment per team member and team members will receive an e-mail invitation.

Enrollments created for group members


Please note that this only enrolls internal group members. If your distribution list contains external members, they will not be enrolled using this approach. If you want to enroll external users, please use the enrollment form Enroll in course or exam (with e-mail address) instead.

I hope you found this guide useful. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected].