How to: Add users to the Employee Training Management learner list

This article describes how to add users to the Employee Training Management learner list.

The learner list is a SharePoint list that will be created by the SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management app for Office 365. Users will be added to this list automatically as soon as they enroll in an event or a self-paced training the first time. Also you have the option to add users to this list using the new item form or the quick edit mode.

Add new users to learner list

In this article I would like to describe how to add all your users and their manager to this list automatically.

Use Microsoft Flow

The best option to add users to the learner list is by using Power Automate.

Here you can download a Flow template that you can import into your Microsoft Flow app.

Import flow

Select the downloaded ZIP package and click on ‘Import’.

What you can see now is that the Flow has been configured in a demo environment. That’s why you first have to change the resource connections. Click on ‘Select during import’ in the IMPORT SETUP column and create a connection to Office 365 Users and SharePoint.

Import flow

Now click on ‘Import’. Once the workflow is imported, click on ‘Open flow’ at the top.

Open flow

This flow starts with a recurrence trigger that runs every 5 days followed by a ‘Search for users’ action.

Trigger and first action

Click ‘Show advanced options’ on the ‘Search for users’ action and enter the number of results to return. Enter a higher number than the number of Office 365 users to make sure you import all users.

In the flow you should see 3 SharePoint actions, one ‘Get items’, one ‘Update item’ and one ‘Create item’. This actions are currently connected with SharePoint sites in the demo environment, so you have to update these actions and connect them with the SharePoint site where you have the SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management app installed and configured.

Trigger and first action

You can now save the flow and click on ‘Run now’. This should now add all users to the learner list.

Depending on the Recurrence trigger this flow will run regularly and add and update users.