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How to: Include ‘Show As’ in the meeting request using the Calendar E-Mail Extension

In this post I want to explain how you can include the ‘Show as’ option in a meeting request using the Calendar E-Mail Extension. By Default, meeting invitations will always be sent with ‘Show as busy’. In the latest version you can now change this default setting in the calendar or configure it for each single event.

Possible options are:

  • Busy
  • Out of office
  • Free
  • Tentative

Configure the default setting

In the calendar’s list settings, click on ‘Add from existing site columns’.

List Settings

Add from existing site columns

Select ‘Show as’ and click ‘OK’. You don’t have to add it to all content types or the default view.

Select show as

If this column does not exist, install the latest version of the Calendar E-Mail Extension and deactivate and activate the ‘Calendar E-Mail Extension’ feature.

To configure the default value, open the ‘Show as’ column and change the default value.

Default value: Show as free

If you now create an event in the calendar and invite attendees, they will receive the invitation with the configured ‘Show as’ status.

The event in outlook

Configure ‘Show as’ for each single event

If you want to change ‘Show as’ for a single event, add the ‘Show as’ column to the content type.

Add Show as to content type

Now you can configure ‘Show as’ directly if you schedule a new event.

Show as per event

If you have problems configuring the solution or your Exchange resources, send an e-mail to support@sapiens.at.

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