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How to: Forward attendee status replies to an e-mail address

With the Calendar E-Mail Extension it is possible to forward attendee status replies to a specific e-mail address. This is done using the “Forward attendee status replies to” column.

If this column is not visible in your event form, go to your calendar’s List Settings and click on the content type Event (with e-mail extension).

Scroll down to the “Forward attendee status replies to” column and click on it. Change the column settings so that the column is Optional.


The column is now visible when you create an event.

You can also change the e-mail template which is forwarded by again going to the calendar’s List Settings and clicking on the content type. Then select Calendar E-Mail Extension settings.

Calendar e-mail extension settings

You can then expand the “Forward status replies to template” to edit it as you wish. You can use all of the standard placeholders, as well as some specific ones for the “Forward status replies to” e-mail. These include the following:

{EMail Attendee-Email} – the e-mail of the attendee who sent the reply
{EMail Attendee-Name} – the name of the attendee who sent the reply
{EMail Attendee-Status} – the reply status of the attendee who sent the reply
{EMail Subject} – the subject of the attendee’s reply
{EMail Body} – the e-mail body of the attendee’s reply
{icCommunicationLog} – an overview of all communication for the event

Foward status replies to template

The people entered in the “Forward status replies to” field will receive an e-mail when someone replies to an invitation.

E-mail notification


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