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Events are not visible in the calendar view

Today I would like to share something that confused a few of our customers when using the Calendar Email Extension or also the SharePoint standard calendar.

The issue is that the calendar is not reflecting any of the meetings that have been set up or the calendar only displays events where the logged in user is part of the attendees.

Empty SharePoint calendar

The first obvious step of course is to check the calendar view if there is a filter applied, but what if this is not the case. If you take a look at the screenshot above, you’ll also notice the user name on the top right of the calendar.

User Name next to calendar

This indicates that the group calendar options are enabled in the calendar list.

Open the list settings of the calendar list, click on ‘List name, description and navigation’ and check if the ‘Group calendar options’ are enabled. If that’s the case, please disable it and you should see all events in the calendar view.

Group Calendar options

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