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Attendees not receiving e-mails with updated information

We have been made aware of an issue where attendees are not receiving an e-mail if information about an event is updated using the Calendar E-Mail Extension. However, if the event is cancelled the attendees still receive an e-mail. You will receive the following error message in the trace log: Error loading and running event […]


Fixed error when booking Exchange resources

Some users have reported problems when using our feature to check the availability of Exchange resources. The following error message was being received: “The specified folder could not be found in the store.” This error is received when the “Use configured user” option is selected. The error has been fixed in the latest update (from […]


Problem configuring the Calendar E-Mail Extension

When trying to verify or save the e-mail communication settings for the Calendar E-Mail Extension, you may come across the following error: “Error in the application.” This error can have several causes, as described in this TechNet blog post. However, the most common cause is because the application pool account used for the central admin […]


Events are not visible in the calendar view

Today I would like to share something that confused a few of our customers when using the Calendar Email Extension or also the SharePoint standard calendar. The issue is that the calendar is not reflecting any of the meetings that have been set up or the calendar only displays events where the logged in user […]


SharePoint incoming and outgoing e-mail configuration for the Calendar E-Mail Extension

The following article describes how to configure incoming and outgoing e-mails for the Calendar E-Mail Extension. In this article: Configuring incoming e-mail Step 1: Add and configure the SMTP Service On your SharePoint server, or on one of your SharePoint servers if you have a farm consisting of more than one SharePoint server: In Server […]