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How to: Book Exchange Online resources in a SharePoint on-premise Calendar

It’s possible to book Exchange rooms when scheduling meetings directly in SharePoint if you use our Calendar Email Extension, Employee Training Management and Event Management. If you use one of the solutions above for SharePoint on-premise and your Exchange is already on Office 365, please follow the instructions below. Prerequisites You have to enable SSL […]


How to: Forward attendee status replies to an e-mail address

With the Calendar E-Mail Extension it is possible to forward attendee status replies to a specific e-mail address. This is done using the “Forward attendee status replies to” column. If this column is not visible in your event form, go to your calendar’s List Settings and click on the content type Event (with e-mail extension). […]


How to: Include ‘Show As’ in the meeting request using the Calendar E-Mail Extension

In this post I want to explain how you can include the ‘Show as’ option in a meeting request using the Calendar E-Mail Extension. By Default, meeting invitations will always be sent with ‘Show as busy’. In the latest version you can now change this default setting in the calendar or configure it for each […]


How to: Send an invitation to the creator of an event using Calendar Email Extension

A few of your customers recently asked if it’s possible to send an invitation to the creator of an event automatically using the Calendar E-mail Extension. The answer is yes, but the creator has to be added to the ‘Attendees’ column. Since it’s not possible to set a default value for a user column (people […]


How to: Forward replies from Exchange resources to the event organizer

With the Calendar Email Extension it’s possible to book Exchange rooms and equipment directly from a SharePoint Calendar. Recently one of our customers wanted to know if it’s possible to change the email address that Exchange resources reply to and to forward the reply to the event organizer instead. Unfortunately there is no easy solution […]