How to: Invite different types of guests and users

In Calendar E-Mail Extension for Office 365 it is possible to invite attendees (users and groups), as well as guests from a contacts list or with an e-mail address. If, however, you wish to define a different group to invite, you can by following the instructions here.

There are two types of columns you can create.

1. Person or Group

First you have to create a new column in the List Settings of your calendar.

Click on create a new column and then select Person or Group for the column type.

Person or Group

If you wish to allow more than one person to be invited, you also need to select “Allow multiple selections”.

Allow multiple selections

Create the column and it is now visible when you schedule a new event!

However, there are a few more options we need to configure before it is fully functional.

Firstly, the column appears, by default, at the bottom of the create event form. To change this you need to go to the List Settings, then click on the Event (with e-mail extension) content type. Click on column order and then change the number next to the column you just created.

Column order

You will also need to edit the e-mail settings so that these people receive e-mails from the calendar. Go to E-mail Settings, then Attendees. Then select your new column to ensure that the people entered will receive notifications.

E-mail settings

Attendees link


2. Contacts Lookup

Again you need to go to the List Settings of your calendar. Then select Create column. This time you should select the “Lookup” option.


The select get information from “Contacts” and in this column “Full Name”. If you want to be able to select more than one person, you need to select the “Allow multiple values” box.

Allow multiple values

You can also change the order of the columns as described above. Then you need to go to the E-mail Settings and Attendees. Select the column you just created to ensure that people will receive the e-mails.

E-mail settings

Attendees link

Attendees customers

Your create event form will now look something like this and you will be able to invite users using the new forms.

Create event form

I hope you found this guide useful. If you have any problems or any other questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or post a comment.