How to: Only use internal trainers in Employee Training Management

Applies to SharePoint Employee Training Management.

Our Employee Training Management provides a contact list you can use to manage trainers. These trainers can be used in the Training Catalog and the Scheduled Trainings list.

If you want to use a people picker and pick trainers from your AD instead of a contact list you have to modify the Trainers list and create a very simple SharePoint Designer Workflow:

  1. Go to the list settings of the trainers list.
  2. Create Column (Name: Trainer (internal), Type: Person or Group).
  3. Modify the Content Type “Trainer”, hide all the fields you don’t need (Last Name, First Name, E-Mail, …).
  4. Change the column order.
  5. Edit the list in SharePoint Designer.
  6. Add a new workflow with the name “Set Last Name”.
  7. Add an action “Set field in current item”.
  8. Set “Last Name” to Current Item: Trainer (internal), Return field as “Display Name”.
  9. Go back to the workflow settings.
  10. Set start options to start when item is created or updated.
  11. Publish the workflow.

You can also use an additional workflow action to set the email address of the trainer for example.

In my case I set the status of all fields except “Trainer (internal)” and “Primary skill” to hidden in the content type settings. So in my form there are only two fields:

Trainer Form

I also changed the view of the trainings list, there I only displayed the Title (set by the workflow) and the Primary skills.

Trainer View

In the Training Catalog and the Scheduled Trainings list I can now select from these internal trainers.

Training Form

If you want to allow internal and external trainers but you want to use a people picker for internal users you have to create a new content type derived from the trainer, remove or hide all the fields you don’t need, add a Person or Group field, add this content type to the Trainers list and configure a similar workflow to that described before. In this case you only set the Last Name if the content type is the “Internal Trainer” content type. The rest should be the same.