Tips to highlight recurring events in a SharePoint Calendar

A few of our customers who use our Employee Training Management or Calendar E-Mail Extension ​have had some usability issues regarding recurring events in SharePoint Calendars.

The main issues are that:

  • recurring events and one-off events cannot be distinguished in the calendar view;
  • if you open a single occurrence of a recurring event, you can only see the start and end time of the occurrence and the recurrence pattern, but not the start and end date of the series.
    Start and End Time

Here are a few tips and tricks which you can use to highlight recurring events and how you can display the actual start and end date of a series.

Firstly I created a new Boolean field called “Is Series” in the calendar list. This is necessary as the SharePoint recurrence field cannot be used in calculated columns. Then I added a simple SharePoint designer workflow to the calendar list which sets the value of this field depending on the recurrence field.

The “Is Series” field can now be used to create calculated columns to highlight recurring events. For example I created a new column called Title*.
The formula of this field is:

=CONCATENATE(Title,” (“,IF([Is Series],”Series”,”On-Time Course”),”)”)

This concatenates the title and an additional piece of information if the event is a one time event or part of a series. I used this field as the title field in the calendar view.

Calendar View
In calendar views you can also use the calendar overlays to color-code one-off and series events. To do this you must create 3 calendar views. One which displays series events only (Is Series is equal to yes) and one which displays one-off events only (Is Series is equal to no). The 3rd view should display no events, so I defined the filter “ID is less than 0”. In the 3rd view add the other two views as calendar overlays and assign them different colors. The following post describes calendar overlays and color-coding in more detail and also how to change the default color of events in a calendar view: How to highlight different trainings or events in a calendar view

What I did next is add an additional calculated column to display the start and end date of the series. The formula I used is:

=If([Is Series],”Series from “&TEXT([Start Time],”MM/dd/yyyy”)&” to “&TEXT([End Time],”MM/dd/yyyy”),”One-Time Event”)

I displayed this field just above the Start Time.

Series/One-Time Event

I hope you find this helpful.

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