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Sending meeting invitations with the SharePoint Calendar

The third post about the SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0. My last two posts were about installing and configuring the SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0. Now let’s talk about working with it. We’re now well prepared with a new collaboration site with SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension enabled and a configured SharePoint Calendar list. Well, it’s […]


How to: Configure RSS feeds for your CKS:EBE blog

This blog is running on SharePoint 2010. To ensure user friendly URLs we installed the Community Kit for SharePoint Extended Blog Edition 3.0 published on codeplex. After we have activated the “CKS:EBE Extensions” features everything worked just fine, except the RSS feed. To solve this issue you have to edit your web.config. In the HttpHandler […]


How to: Set default values in a SharePoint new form using javascript/jQuery

SharePoint does not allow you to set default values for multi text and rich text fields. This article describes how to set default values in a rich text field using jQuery. You can use the code to set the default description in an inviting calendar event. 1. Edit the new form and add a content […]


How to: Validate an e-mail address in a SharePoint text field – validation rule

In list settings change the column’s validation settings to: =(LEN(LEFT([Attendees (external)],FIND(“@”,[Attendees (external)])-1))>=1)+(LEN(RIGHT([Attendees (external)],LEN([Attendees (external)])-FIND(“.”,[Attendees (external)],FIND(“@”,[Attendees (external)]))))>=1)+(LEN(MID([Attendees (external)],FIND(“@”,[Attendees (external)])+1,FIND(“.”,[Attendees (external)],FIND(“@”,[Attendees (external)]))-FIND(“@”,[Attendees (external)])-1))>=1)+(ISERROR(FIND(” “,[Attendees (external)]))=TRUE)=4