SharePoint Meeting Organizer – Meeting organization on SharePoint 2010 without gaps

SharePoint Meeting Organizer fills the gap between SharePoint and your Meeting Organization’s needs. It equips you with the features you need to make SharePoint your Meeting Organization Central. It lets SharePoint take over the Meeting Organizers role and automates the Provisioning of Workspaces to your Meetings’ attendees.

SharePoint Calendar E-mail Extension 3.0 adds the missing e-mail communication to SharePoint calendars.
SharePoint Meeting Organizer Add-Ons help enforcing your Meeting Organization Policy, Team Scheduling and automated Workspace Creation on SharePoint. It

  • Organizes Meetings, sends Meeting Requests and handles Attendees’ responses,
  • Receives Meeting Requests to take over the meeting’s organizer role – if you wish,
  • Automates unattended workspace creation,
  • Eases information sharing and collaborating with external team members,
  • Improves your Team and Resource Scheduling on SharePoint, and
  • Enforces your Meeting Organization Policies on SharePoint.

Organize Meetings on SharePoint

Arrange meetings, send meeting requests and let SharePoint handle your meetings attendees’ responses. If the basic e-mail communication is what you missed on SharePoint Calendar Lists, this is what you’ll love to have.

Or let SharePoint Organize your Meetings

Send a meeting request to SharePoint and let SharePoint take over the organizer role, send meeting requests and create workspaces for you.

Provision Workspaces automatically on Request

SharePoint receives your meeting requests and creates meeting workspaces.

Confidential Meetings and Restricted Access for Attendees only

Meeting requests marked as private meetings will be handled confidentially. Access to meetings will be restricted to attendees.

Smooth Integration with SharePoint Meeting Workspaces

Attendees’ responded status will be kept up to date in meetings and meeting workspaces. Recurrence information and exceptions to series are provided with events and meeting workspaces as well.

Team and Resource Scheduling

Get integrated with SharePoint’s team scheduling features to enable team and resource scheduling – without publishing team members’ calendars.

Enforce your Meeting Organization Policy on SharePoint

Keep your Meeting Organization consistently based on SharePoint. Keep agendas, documents, findings, decisions, and tasks together with one policy and start using the power of SharePoint for your meeting organization.