SharePoint List Filter Web Part – New Version Release

Applies to SharePoint List Filter Web Part.


New Features

Supports multiple lists and libraries

The new version of the SharePoint List Filter Web Part now supports multiple lists and libraries. In the Web Part Configuration you can select from all views existing on the current page.
Select multiple lists and libraries
If more than one view is selected you can display a search scope that allows users to pick from the configured views and limit their search scope.
Search Scope


Views which are not selected will be hidden.
Select Views from Search Scope


Use Wildcard Textbox instead of a choice

For Text and “Multiple lines of text” Fields you can decide if you want to use choices or a textbox that supports wildcard search.

Use Textboxes that support wildcard search 

Allow multi-selection on a per field basis

The web part configuration now enables you to allow multiple selection per field.

Allow Multiple Selection

Expand/Collapse Web Parts

The new version of the List Filter Web Part extends all Web Parts on the page with a expand/collapse function to ease navigation. If the title of a web part is displayed, the web part can be collapsed/expanded by clicking on the title row.

Expand/Collapse function

Result Count

If the title of a list view is displayed, the result count will be displayed next to it, if the Filter Web Part is configured accordingly.

Result Count

To ensure optimal performance, a result count is only displayed if the Filter Web Part executes a query, i.e. only if values from the list are used to populate choices. So at least one field should not ‘populate values from definition’ (Web Part Configuration/Filter Details) if you want to display the result count. Be aware that this can have a huge impact on the performance of the web part.

Not from definition