SharePoint Filter Web Part – new version released



If there is only one list view web part present on the web part page, the ribbon tabs of this view will be displayed by default. In all previous releases users had to click on the view to make the ribbon appear. This was because of the way the ribbon is rendered. Usually if more than one web part is present on a page, the ribbon will not be displayed when loading for the first time.

View selector

There is the same issue with the view selector. Usually if more than one web part is on the page, the view selector is hidden. The new version of the filter web part fixes this issue and displays the view selector if only one view exists on the page.

Wildcard search per field

Wildcard search per field can now also be configured for custom fields based on text or multiple lines of text fields. The wildcard search per field now also supports AND and OR. More complex queries can still only be used in the keyword search box on the top, if search is configured.

If you don’t have a valid license or a trial version you can download a fully functional 30-day trial on the SharePoint Filter Web Part product page.