SharePoint Filter Web Part – new version released

In the new version we made some changes regarding the way we handle managed metadata fields and a few improvements regarding the date range picker.

Managed metadata filter improvements

The first new feature is that we only display managed metadata terms where “Available for tagging” is enabled. This is only applied if “Values from Definition” is selected for the managed metadata field in the filter configuration. Otherwise all the values used in the connected view will be provided.

The second feature is that descendants of a managed metadata term can be included in the filter.

Managed Metadata Multi Drop Down Filter

To activate this, check the “Include Descendants” property in the web part’s configuration.

Include Descendants

This works only in combination with the “Values from Definition” option.

If multiple selection is allowed, the descendants will be selected/unselected if the parent term is selected/unselected. The way it is displayed also depends on the display format of the managed metadata field (display the entire path to the term in the field).

Managed Metadata Multi Select Filter Show Full Path

If multiple selection is not allowed and you select a value in the drop down, the descendants below won’t be selected in the dropdown but included in the filter.

Date range picker improvements

We made a few improvements in the way the end user enters date values in the date range picker.

Date Range Picker YesterdayDate Range Picker Year to date

We now support different formats such as: yyyy-MM-dd, yyyyMMdd, ddMMyyyy, dd-MM-yyyy (depending on your regional settings)

If you want to enter date ranges you can use ‘ – ‘ or ‘to’

You can also enter dynamic values like [today], [yesterday], [tomorrow], [this month], [this year], …

If you enter a date and a separator we interpret this as until or from. For example “- 20130904” means everything until 9/4/2013 or “20130904 -” means everything after 9/4/2013.

A few more examples:
  • [today] -> today
  • ​- [today] or to [today] -> until today
  • ​[today] – or [today] to -> from today
  • 20130101 – [today]​ or 20130101 to [today] or [year to date] -> year to date
  • ​20130101 – 20131231 or 20130101 to 20131231 -> 2013
  • [till today] -> till today
  • [from today] -> from today

Hope you like it.

If you don’t have a valid license or a trial version you can download a fully functional 30-day trial on the SharePoint Filter Web Part product page.