SharePoint Filter Web Part 3.0 Service Release SR1

SR1 is published as the current setup.


Download and extract the SharePoint Filter Web Part setup files. Browse the ListFilter folder.

  1. Run Setup.exe and choose Repair.
  2. Recycle the Application Pool(s).

Issues solved

Managed Metadata shows values from all term sets when “populate from definition” is selected for the field

In a site where lists are configured to use different term sets, a managed metadata field in the Web Part’s filter section will show all values used on this site, regardless of the term set in which they are configured, when the field is configured to initially populate its default values from definition.

JavaScript error when executing key word search with SharePoint search, ULS exception: “System.Web.HttpException: Request is not available in this context”

When “use SharePoint Server Search or Search Server” is configured, the Web Part tries to cache query results to improve performance. Under certain circumstances, the “Request-Object” is not available at that time and this causes an exception and a javascript error.

Selecting items does not activate ribbon actions

In document libraries selecting an item will not always activate the corresponding ribbon actions. Actions available in ribbon might differ from actions available in the ecb menu.

If you need more details or want to report an issue, please send an e-mail to Thanks!