SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension Hotfix


Download and extract the setup files. Browse the folder E-Mail Extension.

  1. Run Setup.exe (as Administrator) and choose Repair.
  2. Recycle the Application Pool(s) and restart the SharePoint Timer Service.
  3. In the List Settings of the Calendar go to “Calendar E-Mail Extension – Settings”, in the Time Zone section select the time zone you are in and click OK.

Issue solved

The issue occurred if:

  1. A recurring event was created in Outlook and sent to the SharePoint Calendar, and
  2. the SharePoint Calendar was configured to take over the organizer role (see Calendar E-Mail Extension Configuration), and
  3. Outlook was in a time zone with daylight saving time, and
  4. the recurring event lasted over a daylight saving time change.

Then the appointment sent to attendees by the calendar was one hour off before or after the time change (depending on the time zone). This was the case because the Calendar E-Mail Extension didn’t include a rule for the daylight saving time change. This issue is now solved. In the “Calendar E-Mail Extension” settings in the calendar’s list settings you have to configure the time zone of the calendar.

If you need more details or want to report an issue, please send an email to [email protected]. Thanks!

Want to try it out? A free fully functional 30-day trial version is available. Click on “Download trial” on the Calendar E-Mail Extension Details Page.