SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0 and Meeting Organizer Service Release SR 2

Applies to SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0, Meeting Organizer 1.0

SR2 is published as the current setup.

NOTE: SR2 requires you to also install the latest version of the Framework shipped with this service release or later!


Download and extract the Calendar E-Mail Extension and Meeting Organizer setup files (see link above).

  1. Install the latest framework version. Run SetupFramework.exe (as Administrator!) and choose repair. NOTE: SR2 requires that you install the latest version!
  2. Install SR2 for SharePoint Calendar E-mail Extension. Run Setup.exe (as Administrator!) and choose repair.
  3. Install SR2 for SharePoint Meeting Organizer. Run SetupMO.exe (as Administrator!) and choose repair.
  4. IMPORTANT: Restart the SharePoint 2010 Timer Service!


Issues solved

“not supported calendar message.ics” and missing time zone information

Under certain circumstances SharePoint’s SPWeb object will not return a time zone description. This description is required for valid calendar requests. In SR2 the method for gathering this information has changed. This also affects the Framework 2.2.1 and requires you to install the latest release, shipped with SR2 or later.

Attendees’ status responses are not processed when the calendar list resides in a sub web

CEE: When a calendar list is located in a sub web, attendees’ responses will not be processed correctly.

MO: When a calendar list is located in a sub web, Meeting Organizer creates the meeting and meeting workspaces, but CEE will not send invitations to deal with the respective attendees’ responses.