SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0 and Meeting Organizer Service Release SR 1

Applies to SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0, Meeting Organizer 1.0

Issues fixed with this Service Release:

CEE 3.0: No meeting requests are sent when a SPD workflow crates an event

The Events Title was constructed from other SharePoint Fields, containing line feed characters. When the SPD workflow saves the item, this causes an exception while sending the meeting invitations to the meetings attendees. Cause: Subjects of meeting requests may not contain line feed characters. The SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension now handles this. Line feed characters (\r\n) will be trimmed from the events title. (Thanks Marc!)

MO 1.0: Meetings originating from Outlook will not appear on SharePoint unless “Let SharePoint take over Meeting Organizer’s Role” is checked once (and then unchecked)

When saving the meeting organizer configuration first time and when no secondary e-mail address is specified, the list is not configured correctly. The list configuration will remain invalid until the “take over meeting organizer role” checkbox is checked and the configuration is saved. This step causes the configuration to be reset and stored correctly. Saving the MO configuration without adding the secondary e-mail address now works correctly. (Thanks Sheryl!)

Other topics that we came across:

  • Meeting workspaces will appear in current navigation when you have navigation configured to display subwebs (SharePoint Publishing Navigation only). If you do not wish this to happen, uncheck “show subwebs” and add the links to the subwebs you want to display manually.