How to: Change time of event reminder

The SharePoint Employee Training Management and the SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension send Meeting Requests to attendee’s email clients. Microsoft Outlook and other email clients remind users before an event is due to start (usually 15 minutes before an event). Meeting requests sent by our applications have set the reminder to 1 hour before the event starts. You can however change this settings:

  • Open the calendar or trainings list.
  • Navigate to the list settings.
  • Edit the column “Time of Reminder before Event” and change the default value. The value is in hours but you can also enter a decimal number. 0.25 = 15 min, 0.5 = 30 min, …

If you want to specify different reminder times for each single training or event, just add this field to the content type and it will be visible in the new and edit form.

If you remove the default value, this setting will not be included in the meeting request and Microsoft Outlook will use the default reminder configured in Outlook’s calendar options.