Looking for an alternative to Employee Training Scheduling and Materials for SharePoint?

The Employee Training Scheduling and Materials template was available for SharePoint 2007 and was part of the Fab 40 templates. It was developed to help companies, and their human resources departments, create and manage training events more efficiently, as well as simplify the registration process for training courses.

This SharePoint template was one of the most popular solutions for human resources related tasks, such as planning and coordinating employee training activities and retrieving employees’ skills and competencies.

As this solution is no longer available for the latest SharePoint versions, we decided to develop a solution that bridges the gap between SharePoint OOTB and the discontinued “Employee Training Scheduling and Materials” Fab 40 template. This new template, Employee Training Management, is now available for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. A version for SharePoint 2016 will also be available soon.

Schedule, record and manage employee training in SharePoint

Our goal was to develop a solution which is not only a replacement for the Employee Training Scheduling and Materials template, but also comes with some additional features, such as a detailed training history, training skills and development, automatic e-mail invitations, notifications and feedback to improve training and learning processes for staff members.

How it works

1. Manage your training program


Organizing employee training in SharePoint has never been easier. With the training catalog you can create topics and templates for recurring events, check the user demand and schedule the actual training event. Attendees can be invited directly or they can enroll themselves while browsing the event calendar. The status of attendees is always visible in the respective training event’s details form. Organizers can edit the training courses at any time. For example, they can reschedule or increase the number of seats if the demand is higher than originally expected. The intuitive options and automatic e-mail notifications reduce the steps required to a minimum.

2. Register for a training event in SharePoint


Users can register for training courses simply by opening an event, and if there are seats available, by clicking on the enroll button. Now they will receive an automatic e-mail invitation which they can accept to confirm the enrollment. However, if the training course is full, they can still join the waiting list and will receive a notification if a seat becomes available. This feature not only makes the registration process easier, but also increases the organizer’s flexibility by providing information about the number of interested users. They can therefore react as quickly as possible and, if necessary, can increase the number of seats or change the location of the event.

3. Training history, skills and competencies


The Employee Training Management SharePoint solution incorporates competency management by storing competency related data, such as training activities and skill progression, and making it accessible for training organizers and the human resources department. The ability to define certain skills and skill levels for every training event allows you to access the training history of every employee so that you can track their individual training progress and find staff members with the desired skills.

4. Feedback


Our SharePoint employee training template also enables you to collect feedback from your training course attendees. Feedback forms can be sent automatically to every attendee and can either be viewed directly in SharePoint or exported to Excel and integrated into your individual evaluations.

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