How to: Install and activate a new license key

In this post I will describe how to install and activate a new license key.

This is important if a trial version of any of our SharePoint solutions is already installed and you want to use a full license key without repairing/reinstalling the solution.

To purchase a license key, go to the product page, click “Licensing Details”, select the license and click on “purchase on ShareIt”. After you’ve purchased a license you will receive a new key by email.

To activate the new key follow these steps:

  1. Rerun setup.exe (as administrator). If you can’t find the setup folder, download the new one*.
    Run setup as administrator
  2. Click “Next” on the Welcome screen.
  3. Click “Next” after the system check.
  4. On the “Repair or Remove” step choose “Activate License Key”** and click next.
    Activate License Key
  • Enter the new key and click “Next”.
  • After the wizard is finished you should recycle the Application pool(s) to fully apply the new key.
  • If the new key is still not applied, make sure there is no validated surety file in the setup folder.

    *) In the SharePoint Web Parts and Templates overview select the solution, click on “Download free trial” and on “click here to download the setup” in the dialog.

    **) If this option is not available you have to download the new setup*. We published the new setup with the “Activate License Key” option on 4/2/2013.

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