How to: Create public reusable filters

This post describes how to create public reusable filters for the SharePoint Filter Web Part.

With the SharePoint Filter Web Part users can save their current filter settings for future use.

As an administrator you’re able to create reusable filters and publish them to all users.

To create a reusable filter, follow the steps below:

  1. Set the filters (in this example “Due Date” between 1/1 and 3/31/2012).
  2. Save the filter (Predefined filters/Save filter as).
  3. Define a name.
  4. Go to ‘Manage Filters’ (Predefined filters/Manage filters).
  5. Manage permissions of the filter item. -> Inherit Permissions.
  6. Create a new datasheet view (Fields: Title, User).
  7. Remove the user from the item.

This reusable filter is now available to all users and can be applied using the ‘Predefined filters’ Menu.