How to: Create and configure a Target Application in the Secure Store

With our new add-on it’s now possible to book Exchange rooms and equipment directly from a SharePoint calendar. To configure the credentials for the user who is allowed to book the resources, you can create a Target Application in the Secure Store and set the credentials there. To do this you should do the following:

1. Go to SharePoint Central Administration –> Application Management –> Manage Service Applications –> Secure Store Service.

Secure Store Service

If there is no Secure Store Service available, click on New –> Secure Store Service.

New secure store service

2. Now open the Secure Store and create a new Target Application.

New secure store target application

3. Enter an ID, display name and contact e-mail for the Target Application and select Group as the Target Application type.

Create new secure store target application

4. On the next screen use Windows User Name and Windows Password (default setting) as fields.

Create new secure store target application 2

5. Now enter the users who should have access to manage the Target Application and enter Authenticated Users in the members field. Then click on OK.

Create new secure store target application 3

6. The final step is to set the credentials. Click on the Target Application and then Set Credentials.

Set credentials

7. Then enter the user name and password in the form which appears.

Set credentials form

The created Target Application can now be used in SharePoint.

I hope you found this guide useful. If you have any problems or any other questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or post a comment.