Employee Training Management Service Release

The hotfix is published as the current setup.


Download and extract the Setup Files. Browse the folder Sapiens.at.Setup.ETM/SP201x/Employee Training Management.

  1. Run Setup.exe (as Administrator) and choose Repair.
  2. Recycle the Application Pool(s) and restart the SharePoint Timer Service.
  3. In the List Settings of the Scheduled Trainings list go to “Employee Training Management”, in the Time Zone section select the time zone you are in and click OK.

Issues solved

  • Daylight Saving Time: Trainings were 1 hour off if synchronized to some mobile devices. Now you have to configure the time zone in the Employee Training Management settings, so that the meeting request can include a rule for the daylight saving time change.
  • For anonymous users it’s now possible to enroll.
  • Now you can use survey lists to collect feedback.
  • The actions in the edit control menu now also work if you add the view to the homepage or any other web part page (the list context is not required).

If you need more details or want to report an issue, please send an email to support@sapiens.at. Thanks!

Want to try it out? A free fully functional 30-day trial version is available. Click on “Download trial” on the Employee Training Management Details Page.