Employee Training Management Hotfix

Today we published a hotfix for the Employee Training Management and the Calendar E-Mail Extension.

Assembly File Version:

  • SharePoint 2010 (
  • SharePoint 2013 (


Download and extract the setup files. Browse the folder Sapiens.at.Setup.ETM/SP201x/Employee Training Management or Sapiens.at.Setup.CEE/SP201x/Calendar E-Mail Extension.
  1. Run Setup.exe (as Administrator) and choose Repair.
  2. Recycle the Application Pool(s) and restart the SharePoint Timer Service.

Issues solved

  • On a SharePoint Server with patch level 14.0.6123.5000 there was an issue when sending emails. If users click on Enroll (Employee Training Management) or Join (Calendar E-Mail Extension) the CPU on the Front-End server jumps and remains at 100% until your application pool is recycled. This is because the way the solutions send emails, it happens when setting the MaxIdleTime of the ServicePoint (here you’ll find a more detailed description: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/930236/net-best-method-to-send-email-system-net-mail-has-issues). However, we were only able to reproduce this issue on a system with SharePoint patch level 14.0.6123.5000.
  • If you click Enroll from the Edit Control Block of a Scheduled Training, this sometimes opens the “Join” dialog used in the Calendar E-Mail Extension. This is because the Employee Training Management is derived from the Calendar E-Mail Extensions.
If you encounter any of these issues, please upgrade.