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SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0 – what’s new in Version 3?

New and improved features that come with SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0 Customizable e-mail body with dynamic values for e-mail invitations The invitation’s e-mail body can now be configured with default values including placeholders for dynamic field values to include information like the meetings description, time and time zone, recurrence, or any other information in […]


SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0 – a SharePoint 2010 calendar with full e-mail integration

SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0 and SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension MWS fill the gap between SharePoint and your meeting’s organizational needs. SharePoint Calendar E-mail Extension 3.0 adds the missing e-mail communication to SharePoint Calendars and lets you and your team work more efficiently, SharePoint Calendar E-mail MWS helps you to enforce your meeting organization policy, […]


How to: Configure SharePoint permission levels to allow members to create meeting workspaces

Sign in as an administrator. We start in Site Actions/Site Permissions, in the ribbon look for Permission Levels. On the permission levels settings page we look for contribute. Click on it to edit the details. In the details look for the Site Permissions section and check Create Subsites.


Sending meeting invitations with the SharePoint Calendar

The third post about the SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0. My last two posts were about installing and configuring the SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0. Now let’s talk about working with it. We’re now well prepared with a new collaboration site with SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension enabled and a configured SharePoint Calendar list. Well, it’s […]


Configuring the SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0

Take a look at this post if you haven’t already installed the solution: Installing the SharePoint Calender E-Mail Extension 3.0 After you have downloaded and installed the SharePoint Calendar E-Ml Extension 3.0 you’ll need to configure it. There are two points to start from to configure the SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension: Option 1: You have […]


Installing the SharePoint Calendar E-Mail Extension 3.0

The SharePoint Calendar Email Extension 3.0 extends your SharePoint Calendars and enables outgoing e-mail. A quick introduction: What’s new in Version 3.0? What people really missed in the previous version were two things: Support for recurring events, and Integration with Meeting Workspaces (including external attendees!). Both missing features are now available. Other improvements: Communication, invitee/attendee’s […]